Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)

Last updated: January 13, 2022


This Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) outlines what you can not use the Payello services for. The restrictions outlined in the policy are based on Payello's partner's policies, regulations, and applicable laws.
Violations of this policy will result in action being taken according to the Acceptable Use Violation Policy (aka AUVP).
Continued violations of this policy may result in account restrictions, suspensions or termination.
As a regulated business we may also be required to share information related to certain violations with law enforcement agencies for crime prevention purposes.

Restricted Activities

You can not use any of the Payello Services:

Restricted Countries

You can not use any of the Payello Services for transactions to, from, between or on behalf of any individual, business, organisation, institution, agency or party from or in connection with the countries:

Payments & Transfers

The Payello Payments service and the Payello Transfers service can not be used:


The Payello Wallet service in a fiat currency (such as USD) can not be used:


The Payello Issuing service can not be used:

Currency Exchange

You can not use the Currency Exchange services for speculating changes in exchange rates.